Don & Sandi at "home", back in the Stockton area.

Friday, September 3, 2010



On Thursday we drove into Memphis and went to Elvis' home, Graceland.  We really enjoyed visiting Graceland and seeing the first floor of his home (the 2nd-floor is kept private) and the other buildings on site.  Two surprising things...the home is, generally speaking, somewhat small.  We expected it to be much larger, considering Elvis' status as the "king".  More surprising was how close the home is to a major 4-lane roadway with non-stop traffic.  You could literally stand on the sidewalk outside the short rock-wall fence (and next to the traffic) and see the front door.  Makes you think Elvis really was a "down-home boy".  

We are resting (mostly) for a few days before heading for St. Louis on Monday.

Take care.
Don & Sandi


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  2. I disagree with the comment about Graceland being small. When Elvis bought Graceland for his Mother in the late 50's, it was and still is a Mansion. He didn't buy it in the 90's so there would not be any comparison to todays homes.