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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Branson, MO...Part 1


Bad news?  Driving into our Branson campground we had a rear tire blow-out on the motorhome.  Good news?  We were only going about 25 mph at the time; but it was a rather loud "ka-boom".   The spare tire has been installed and we are good-to-go...but we have a couple more days to "rest" in Branson.

On Friday night we watched the "New Shanghai Circus", featuring Chinese acrobats.  It was very entertaining and amazing to watch their feats of balance and their ability to fly through the air.

On Saturday we took a road-trip in the car to Garland, Oklahoma.  My mother was born in Garland (and her maiden name is Garland...her mother's maiden name was Rainwater).  This area of Oklahoma is Choctaw country.  Back in the late 1800's a distant relative by the name of Joseph Garland was the Chief Justice of the Choctaw Nation, after the Choctaws had been moved (relocated) to Oklahoma from Mississippi.   We visited the Garland Cemetery (since the town has sort of disappeared) and found quite a few headstones with "Garland" or "Rainwater" engraved on the tombstones.  It was both interesting and sobering.  This cemetery was originally established for Choctaws only, but was eventually opened to all folks.

On Sunday we head for a dinner cruise on the Branson Showboat (paddleboat) on the lake.  Should be fun.

Don & Sandi

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