Don & Sandi at "home", back in the Stockton area.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Branson...part 2


On Sunday afternoon we spent a very nice three hours on the "Showboat Branson Belle" as its two red paddle-wheels slowly churned through the waters of Table Top Lake.  We had big band entertainment, dinner, a variety show with singing and comedy, and we also strolled along the four decks of the "Belle".   The weather cooperated and it was a wonderful Sunday afternoon adventure.

Zip line on Monday!  (I am not afraid...I am not afraid...I am....)

Bye for now,
Don & Sandi


  1. You are becoming such a daredevil!! This is a wonderful photo of the two of you. How do you keep your shirts so white and crisp?

  2. How can zipping through a forest preserve possibly compare to processing applications at centralized enrollment? You poor thing, how you are suffering!

    Glad you held on for dear to collect on that annuity, after all!