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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

St. Louis


We have made it to St. Louis and today we spent the day visiting the Gateway Arch.  We started with a quick 5-minute (but very exciting) helicopter ride to view the arch and the surrounding area.  It was our first time in a helicopter and it was over toooo quickly.  The ride and the view were both spectacular.

We then visited the Arch and I took a couple of photos...OK, a couple hundred photos.  Yes, I did delete a bunch of them once we got back to the motor home.  And I am only "forcing" you to view six of them ;-).  

The ride to the top of the arch was in what they call a "capsule".  It seats five people (barely) and there are eight capsules in the "train".  Once the capsules were loaded, we took the four-minute ride inside the arch to the top.  You cannot be claustrophobic to take this trip!

There are several sets of rectangular windows on each side of the arch.  One side overlooks the Mississippi River, and the other side provides a view of downtown St. Louis...from 630 feet above the landscape.

Sandi and I both agree that the Gateway Arch is one of the best national monuments we have ever visited.  

That's all for to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and eastward starting tomorrow.  

Take care.
Don & Sandi

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