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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mt. Rushmore...and more!


When we told friends and colleagues (and even strangers) about our retirement road-trip in our motor home, we were often asked, "So, where will you start?".   We answered, "Disneyland with family, and then head towards Mt. Rushmore, then east to Maine."   Well, we made it to Mt. Rushmore on Friday!   Yeah!

The Mt. Rushmore National Monument is a very impressive site.   The access to view the monument is one of the best we have ever experienced.  Viewing the four presidents almost takes your breath away.  The "sculptures" are spectacular to behold...the detail, the size, the environment of the Black Hills...a "gotta-see" place.  Add it to your bucket list!

From Mt. Rushmore, we headed 11 miles down the road to the "Crazy Horse Memorial" that is still being carved.  The memorial honors North American Native Americans, and Lakota hero "Crazy Horse".  After decades of work, the face of Crazy Horse is complete.   Decades to go...but just as with Mt. Rushmore, what amazing skill it has taken to design, calculate, and sculpt on such a grand yet detailed scale.

We ended our day by driving through the scenic byway of South Dakota's "Custer State Park".  As we drove through the park, we saw prairie dogs, "antelope" (pronghorns), donkeys...and BUFFALO!   They are big and beautiful!   Vehicles had to stop while the herd crossed the road.  One of the male buffalos charged head-down at a motorcyclist who drove too close to the herd, but stopped about two feet short of butting him...thank goodness!

That's all the news for now...take care.

Don & Sandi

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  1. Great photos. Very patient photographer's assistant. Keep the photos coming.