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Sunday, August 22, 2010

South Dakota's Badlands


Last night we re-visited Mt. Rushmore to see the "lighting ceremony".  It was a very moving experience.

Today we drove out to see the badlands of South Dakota at the Badlands National Park near Wall, S.D.  The badlands are often described as a "moonscape".  We would definitely agree.  As you drive along, you see rolling hills...and then we turned a corner and the landscape changed dramatically to sharp, pointed, jagged peaks.

Most of the badlands have a tan-and-pink coloration.   But there is a section that has a tan, red, pink, yellow combination of colors that is absolutely beautiful....never seen anything like it.   The photos do not do justice to the landscape, but we try ;-).

We also visited the largest drug store in the world in Wall, SD....yes, Wall Drugs.   It was fun to walk through the shops...except it was about 103 degrees.   Getting back into the air-conditioned car was fun too!

Tomorrow we leave South Dakota and head for Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri...

Take care.
Don & Sandi

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  1. HI! They switched out my computer and I lost my link, but Marianne just sent it to me. You are making me want to take to the road. I just got the thank you note and the Starbucks Card. Thank you SO much, but you did not have to worry about that bet. We miss you and at the same time we are so glad to see you two are so relaxed and obviously having the time of your lives!