Don & Sandi at "home", back in the Stockton area.

Friday, August 20, 2010

North Dakota


On Thursday, we had to spend some time getting the roof-top air conditioner fixed on the motor home.  We then moved into our campsite in the Rapid City, South Dakota area, where we will be for the next three or four days.  After nearly seven weeks in the motor home, we both had the "spring cleaning" urge and so we spent a couple of hours freshening-up the interior of the motorhome from front-to-back and top-to-bottom.

At about 3pm, on a bit of a whim, we decided to have dinner in North Dakota.  We looked at the map and started our 3-hour drive to Bowman, ND.  Once we got into town, we had to find a place to eat...not as easy as we thought.   We had a choice of the "deli" at the gas station...or "Wendy's Pizza & Sandwiches Family Restaurant".  We choose the latter.   We had a very nice dinner and headed back to Rapid back to the motor home about 10:15pm.   This big road-trip is about seeing the USA and lots of national monuments and cities.  But it really is about "making memories".   And the 7-hour dinner drive to Bowman will be a simple, but special, memory of this trip.

Take care,
Don & Sandi  

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  1. What a wonderful photo of the two of you in front of Mt. Rushmore! Your trip, thus far, sounds fabulous. I can only imagine the adventures that lie ahead of you.