Don & Sandi at "home", back in the Stockton area.

Monday, August 9, 2010


We did it...we survived Disneyland, California Adventure, and Knott's Berry Farm over the past few days.  Our heads (and stomachs) are still spinning a bit from the wild rides and lots of walking in the sunshine within each of the parks.  We had a ton of fun with our immediate family; and granddaughters Madison and Felicia had a wonderful time for their first "grown-up" visit to Disneyland.   We hit most of the major rides, and we all agreed that the "Hollywood Tower Hotel" ride (tower of terror) was the scariest ride of all.  And I sat behind 3 Logan graduates during that ride...I tried not to scream too loudly.

The family members have now all flown home.   Don and Sandi will hit the road (starting tomorrow Tuesday, August 10th) for our 100-day trip throughout the USA.  We are very excited about beginning the big road-trip.  Ya-hoo!  (But we miss family already ;-).

Don & Sandi


  1. "...on the road again..." How exciting... May the road be clear, the gas cheap, the weather pleasant, and the highway patrol absent!

  2. What a awesome Trip!!! What a amazing Family I have !!! I had such a blast...Thank you so much for everything, many Fun memories!!! Love you both and Be safe !!! See you soon..