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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


Today we had a chance to have a very nice lunch-time visit with our niece Deanna, and her 1-year old daughter Allie.  (Husband Ray was at work at the Pentagon today.)  Ray, Deanna, and Allie just moved to the Washington, DC area a couple of months ago for Ray's new employment.  They have a lovely home in was great to visit!

Yesterday Sandi and I took a side "road trip" to West Virgina and visited Harpers Ferry, about 85 miles from our Maryland campground.  What beautiful country (even in the pouring rain)!

Our visit to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park was educational and fascinating.  (Quick history review:  In October, 1859, John Brown and 20 men raided the Harpers Ferry federal armory.  He wanted to seize the 100,000 weapons, primarily rifles, and use them to wage a battle against the South and free the slaves.  He was captured; and his plan failed with his execution by hanging just two months later.   However, his action is credited with focusing the nation's attention on the "moral issue of slavery", which led to the beginning of the Civil War 18 months later.  During the Civil War, the town of Harpers Ferry changed hands eight times between the Union troops and the Confederate troops.)

OK, end of the history review...but this was an amazing place to visit and walk through the streets where so much history took place.

Take care.
Don & Sandi

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