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Friday, September 24, 2010

Atlantic City


Today (Friday) we visited Atlantic City, New Jersey, and its famous wooden boardwalk.  The boardwalk is over five miles long.  No, we did not walk the whole thing...but we could have (not).  It was a warm and muggy day and we were tuckered-out after one mile...and the one mile return trip.   The boardwalk is a lot like the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in terms of games and shops, but more like a flea market (read that as "not as nice as the Santa Cruz Boardwalk").

Of course on this boardwalk, there are extravagant hotel/casinos spaced along the walkway...and those are some high-end places!   (We got really "wild" and gambled $5 on a 25-cent slot machine...and walked away $5 poorer.)

The beach is quite nice with a lot of shells piled-up in spots on the beach.  We finally got to dip our feet into the Atlantic Ocean...cold water, but not Santa Cruz cold.

Bye for now.
Don & Sandi

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