Don & Sandi at "home", back in the Stockton area.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hi. My (our) first blog entry...yippee. This means our retirement has arrived! Sandi retired on June 18th and I retired on June 24th. Yoo-hoo!!! We are moving out and living in our motor home for the next few months. Our itinerary? Well, something like this:

-Two weeks in the Stockton area to do some family-related activities and camp with our daughter and granddaughter for a week.
-Leave for Disneyland by way of San Luis Obispo...a nice slow drive to L.A.
-Visit family and friends in LA and San Diego area
-Spend a week at Disneyland with our daughter Tara, granddaughter Madison, son Tim, daughter-in-law Chrissy, granddaughter Felicia, and Sandi and Don...and of course, Mickey!
-Then on about August 10th Sandi and Don then head for Mt. Rushmore and parts East.
-Travel the USA (about 40 states) over the next few months...back home by Thanksgiving.

Our posts to this blog will likely be somewhat infrequent over the next few weeks until we hit the "big trail" in August.


  1. I have your blog bookmarked and will look forward to following your adventures. Please give my regards to Goofy (he and we are kindred spirits). I'm pulling for Spain to beat Paraguay in your honor!


  2. Hi Don! Just to let you know you are missing your first Director's Meeting today. We are sad that you will not be with us, and wishing that our feet were included in the great beach shot!